Greetings, I am Cregine’s CEO, Jin-Kook Lim
3 year after its foundation, Crengine has created both a national and an international network.

By working closely together with conglomerates such as Hanwha Defense, System, Aerospace 

and Korea Aerospace nationally and companies such as the Dutch van Halteren, TNO, Photonis 

and Hanwha Defense Australia, we are able to directly work together with great business partners 

in the world.

We are also constantly strengthening our connections with companies such as Korail, Samsung,

Hyundai Department store and many other potential business partners to increase our influence.
I have worked for Samsung for 30 years in research, marketing, sales and project planning 

departments. Aside from these activities, I also was active in quality renovation, product 

development, human resources and finally worked in CMMI, quality management and test

and evaluation.

Cregine CEO – Jin-Kook Lim


Crengine Management Philosophy
Technological Innovation

Crengine believes that new skills are the key to a companies’ growth. For a brighter future, we continuously invest in technological innovation.

High Quality

Crengine strives to create the best products and is 

always conducting research in order to do so. The

best developers create the best products.

Trust Management

Within Crengine, trust is of paramount importance. When you hear trustworthy, we hope you think of our company. We will always strive for perfection.