Crengine has grown steadily over the years


- Company Establishment
- Applied for a patent for multiple VR motion simulators
- Participate in the development of a VR ballistic firing 



- Proposal of the VR K9 Driving Simulator for the 

  Norwegian Army
- NDA with Van Halteren (The Netherlands)
- Creation of 36 years of history recording content
- Approval of being a Venture Company

- Proposal of a VR system to assist manufacturing 

   companies with their infrastructure
- Proposal for VR content for Powerplant workers
- Proposal of a mutual communication enhancing smart 

- Participating company for the creation of VR Kite 

  exhibition content with KOCCA
- Cooperation agreement with Multiculture TV and 

  Kiwoom Education
- VR Kite exhibition at the Jamsil Culture festival

- MOU with ID&D
- VR Kite Content Experience exhibition with KOCCA


- Selected as a project by Gyeonggi Content Promotion 

  Agency(Art painter)

- Greengream website creation

- Development of Virtual Reality Donam Seowon at 

  Chungnam Institute of History and Culture 

- Digital Twin On-line Fair(D.Ton2020) 

  Multiplatform development